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General Information Data protection

In order to process your housing application form, we need to gather personal information. We process this information in line with data protection legal principles. You have a right to view or obtain person information that you supply in relation to your application form. You can get this information free of charge. We may charge you for supplying copies of other personal information that you want. Details of our policy can be found on our website here.

Changes in circumstance

You should inform us, as soon as possible, of any changes to your housing circumstances so we can re-assess your application. This is important as changes may affect your application.

Specific information

We gather specific information, for example, equality information to monitor our allocation services. This is done to assist us to eliminate unlawful forms of discrimination and also to promote equality objectives.

Debt issues

If you have any debt the council can offer help and advice. Services will work together to maximise your income and help by taking account of your circumstance.


If you are dissatisifed with how we provide services relating to making a housing application, you can make a complaint using our organisational complaint policy. Information on this can be provided on request.

Completing this form

Please answer all relevant questions and seek advice if you are unsure about how to answer any question.

Your responses are stored as you complete each page, so you do not have to complete all sections in one sitting. Use the Next and Back buttons to move through the application sections.

Please note that failure to complete all sections may result in your application being rejected or delays in procesing your application.

Main applicant
Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 and the Asylum and Immigration Act 1999
Under these, and the Immigration (EEA) Regulations 2006, Local Authorities are required to establish whether a person qualifies for public assistance including housing.
Personal Details
Contact Details
Current Address
Previous Addresses
You need to provide at least the last 5 years of your address history.
For any periods where you were homeless or had no fixed abode please enter a property number of 0 and use the Street field to provide details (Homeless, Sofa-Surfing, etc).
Correspondence Address